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Terms, conditions and waiver (hydrotherapy, boarding, daycare and dog training services)

When ordering services verbally or in writing, completing the boarding form or paying for a booking with Homely Petz, you are agreeing to the below terms and conditions and accepting a Waiver of liability.  These Terms and Conditions may be updated at any time without reference or notice being provided to you.  

  1. You confirm and certify that you are the owner or person authorised/responsible for the dog(s) brought to Homely Petz  (hereafter referred to as “Homely Petz") for canine dog training, boarding hydrotherapy, weight loss and fitness, and other activities. You understand that the services offered by Homely Petz are not medical in nature and therefore not intended as a substitute for veterinary care, and consultation with a veterinarian is recommended for any matters relating to the health or well-being of the dog. Further, you understand that individual sessions and corresponding outcomes are dependent upon the condition and age of the dog, the goals of the owner, the nature of the dog's temperament or injury (if applicable) and the dog’s emotional state of mind.  You also understand that results in the field of canine care can vary substantially depending on many factors, known and unknown at the time of delivery and that Homely Petz does not guarantee that your goals or objectives in undertaking the services will be met.

  2. You understand, you are responsible for, and agree to provide Homely Petz with all the latest medical information, including vaccinations, underlying medical conditions, medications, veterinarian name and contact information and veterinarian recommendations and limitations for the dog(s) brought to Homely Petz for any service offered.

  3. You agree that are ultimately responsible for determining if the services provided by Homely Petz are appropriate for your dog(s). You further agree that you are responsible for any risk posed by disclosed or undisclosed medical conditions.

  4. You accept full responsibility for any injury or damage, to persons, property or animals arising out of use of the grounds, facility, buildings, pool, and services of Homely Petz.  Your responsibility is not limited to your dog and includes your actions and conduct as well as your dog(s).  Accordingly, you agree to indemnify Homely Petz and its owners, employees, independent contractors and independent therapists, for monetary damages and attorney fees; and further waive all personal claims and release Homely Petz, its owners, employees, independent contractors and independent therapists for damage, injury or death sustained by you arising out of your participation in the activities and services of Homely Petz, or presence on or use of the premises where services are performed; and further waive subrogation claims of insurers.

  5. You understand that your dog(s) and any person you bring onto the property enter, swim,  and participate in activities at your or their own risk.

  6. You understand and agree that it is your responsibility to provide Homely Petz with Your proper and up-to-date contact information along with a regular alternate and Emergency contact.  We will of course do everything we can for your pet if any medical situation occurs, and in such circumstances, we will also make every possible effort to contact you or the alternate or emergency contact. If we are unable to reach you or your designated alternate/emergency contact, you hereby authorise Homely Petz to make decisions and instruct veterinary clinics/doctors accordingly. You hereby expressly warrant and agree that you will accept without challenge any decision made by Homely Petz.  

  7. You hereby authorise and instruct any veterinary doctor, practice, clinic or hospital that may have medical records physical or electronic relating to your property in any way to release such records to Homely Petz immediately without any further reference to you upon request.

  8. If ANY veterinary attention is required (this could be up to and including Euthanasia), you accept that you are liable for all and any expenses including any transport costs or disposal costs. In the event of serious illness and you or your alternate/emergency contact cannot be contacted, the veterinary doctors' decision is final.

  9. You hereby confirm that your dog(s) is/are covered by flea and tick prevention treatment for the duration of its stay at Homely Petz.  Further, you confirm that your dog is covered by a current vaccination for each of the following​​;

    1. Rabies​

    2. Distemper

    3. Hepatitis

    4. Parvo Virus

    5. Parainfluenza

    6. Leptospirosis

  10. You confirm and will provide proof that your dog has completed a satisfactory Vaccicheck or similar to ensure the validity of items 8.2-8.6

  11. You understand and agree that by allowing your dog(s) to participate in the services offered by Homely Petz, you give your permission for Homely Petz, to take photographs and/or videos, and to use the images or videos of your dog in printed matter, internet sites, social media or other promotional or advertising/marketing capacities. All photographs and videos are the property of Homely Petz. 

  12. You understand that all and any services provided by Homely Petz are required to be paid for in advance.  Payments are due immediately upon the issue of an invoice or payment link.  All payments made to Homely Petz against an invoice for services booked are NON-REFUNDABLE.  This includes deposits, part payments, overpayments and any payments whatsoever.  Homely Petz may at our discretion issue a credit note and if so then such credit must be used within 60 days of the date of the original payment and may only be used against similar services (at our discretion) to those originally booked.  There are no refunds or credit notes for cancellations or early returns.

  13. You recognize and accept Homely Petz right to sell or rehome any of your property deposited at Homely Petz facilities upon your failure to pay for services within 7 days of invoice or 7 days of the agreed completion of services date. The end of services shall be the date of the last service indicated upon the last invoice issued.

  14. From time to time Homely Petz may make discounts or special offers for our services available to customers.  You understand that discounts or special offers are a privilege.  You may only use/redeem one discount or special offer at a time.  Use of a discount or special offer must be within the terms of the discount/offer and may be availed at the complete discretion of Homely Petz.

  15. You understand that Homely Petz services are NOT TRANSFERABLE in any circumstances.

  16. It is your express intent that your acceptance of this document shall also bind the members of your family and all respective heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, successors, and assigns including your Veterinary Doctor, and shall be deemed as a RELEASE, WAIVER, DISCHARGE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE Homely Petz or any person associated with it in any way.

  17. You recognize and accept that in the event of your failure to collect your property deposited at Homely Petz facilities, within 7 days of the agreed completion of services date, Homely Petz has the right to sell or rehome your property.   

  18. You hereby further agree that this document shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Fujairah. 

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