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As well as offering one-to-one practical and theory dog training and support, we also offer self-improvement and training courses online for both personal and professional dog handlers and guardians.  The Dogzbody Academy is an online Dog Training School aimed at anyone wishing to improve their understanding and abilities around dogs through self-education.  All courses are built by members of the Homely Petz team so you can be assured of quality content, education and knowledge from years of our own experience in the dog and pet care industry.  As well as offering the online courses we are also on hand with tutor support if needed.  The Academy is growing fast now with new courses being uploaded and more waiting in the wings to be completed by our professional dog trainers.  So if you are looking for self-improvement to gain more theory on dogs or seeking to improve your professional career look no further.

Easy online Enrollment

The courses and/or Diplomas receive a Personalised Certificate on successful completion

Can be paid for online via Stripe

Use a professional and secure academic learning platform

Engaging and fun courses using text, video, images, self-assessments and more!

If you are a current or ongoing client of Homely Petz ask for your Discount Coupon Code to gain reduced access to the courses.


Visit The Dogzbody Academy here.

Recent courses with direct links are below for your convenience. 

Dog Health & First Aid

Unlock the essential skills to safeguard your canine companion with our online Dog Health and First Aid course. Discover invaluable insights into recognizing and addressing common health concerns, ensuring your dog's well-being. From preventive care to emergency response, this course equips you with the knowledge to be your dog's first line of defense. Enroll now and empower yourself to provide prompt and effective care for your furry friend. Because a healthy dog is a happy dog!

Dogs with trainer

Kennel Dog Handler

Become a professional "Dog Handler" in a boarding facility.  Learn the ropes on how to handle dogs correctly, and understand dog nutrition and health. Explore dog behaviour and simple dog handling techniques when working with dogs. Together with health and safety, this course is ideal for anyone looking to become or increase their role as a dog handler in boarding and daycare facilities.

Learn about nutrition, behaviour signals, and how to handle a dog correctly. Tips on dog engagement and playtime and how to occupy and entertain a dog whilst staying at a boarding facility.

4 Units

Girl Hugging her Dog

Basic Dog Care

Whether you are a first-time dog owner or looking to improve your dog care skills at home with your dog. Learn the best foundation and building blocks for getting the most from your new relationship with your dog.  

Ten units cover how to introduce your dog to a new environment, feeding, playtime, grooming and all the things you need to understand about a dog particularly if you are a first-time dog owner, this one is for you!   This short course is a great introduction to understanding a dog's needs to ensure a contented dog.

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