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(Residential dog training)

Our residential training courses are our most popular and effective, fast track choice for you to achieve the relationship

you want with your dog! 

Affectionately known as Dog Boot Camps we provide a focused training environment for your dog to learn new skills while enjoying a stay at our facility.

Residential dog training stays are suitable for:

Puppy Training

Beginner Training

Intermediate Training

Refresher Work

Behaviour Challenges

Dog Families (more than one dog)

Here’s what’s included:

Discussion prior to the stay to set goals for your dog.

Comprehensive Daily one-on-one Training Sessions with a qualified, certified, British Dog Trainer.

Purpose-Built Training Facilities.

Personalized training to suit your dog's needs.

Socialisation/playtimes at least twice a day.

Nap Times to re-charge. 

Hugs, kisses and love from the crew

Follow up home sessions

Once you are back home,  home training sessions will be offered.  (RAK and Dubai only) to give you home support.  The trainer will work with you and your dog on environmental routines, ensure you are continuing our methodology effectively with your dog and address any further requests you may have.   

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