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Dog Behaviour

Learning how to understand your dog's behaviour and responses can be challenging sometimes.


Dogs don't grow out of wanted behaviours, they grow into unwanted behaviours.

We work with all dog breeds and sizes, young and old.  Dog behaviour and K9 Mental Health is complex and a deep understanding of what and why a dog does what he or she does is required.  Through working with you and your dog together we explore historical behaviours with your dog and work towards small goals to increase your dog's behavioural best and support you in achieving them.  As each realistic goal is met, your dog will go in the right direction with you to better communication, and a balanced and fulfilling relationship and aim to maintain a positive partnership together going forward.


Relationship Centred Work

All behavioural work whether done with you in your home or as a residential course is built on the relationship with your dog.  Creating trust first, then working through behaviour responses and understanding why a dog does and responds in a certain way. Balanced responses are used to help your dog become more confident and in turn, help address the unwanted behaviours using our Dogzbody Methodology and fear & anxiety free training techniques.  

All work is overseen by Master Dog Trainer, Neil Anderson MGoDT, APDT -

our Dog Behaviour Consultant


Areas of Behaviour Support

Low to High  levels of Reactivity

Lack of Confidence

Chronic Fears & Phobias

Dog on Dog Reactivity

Environmental Guarding


Separation Anxiety


Resource Guarding

Obsessive Behaviour

The above list is not final, many more varying behavioural needs may not be mentioned, do contact us below to discuss the one-to-one support

that you require.

Call/Whatsapp Neil on 050 8717 073 


Email Amanda on

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