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We often host engaging and informative dog educational events that cater to both seasoned dog owners and those considering bringing a new canine companion into their lives. These events are invaluable opportunities to deepen your understanding of dog care, behaviour, training, and overall companionship. By attending, you'll have the chance to learn from experienced professionals, ask questions, and connect with fellow dog enthusiasts.


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Business & Community Support

We do offer to attend B2B events also, if you are a business interested in hosting a professional dog educational presentation and would like us to attend and offer a presentation or educational aspect let us know.  


If you are a registered charity looking for dog training and/or K9 Mental Health support talks do call Neil on 050 8717 073

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Engage with Us

As well as on-site events, we also attend other local events to share our dog training methodology and experiences. Be sure to know when these are by subscribing above for updates.


Our lounge is a haven with a self-serve coffee bar, inviting seating, and a quaint retail area. Designed to be dog-friendly, it boasts the latest technology for displaying interactive talks, engaging displays, and informative presentations, enhancing the learning experience. Whether you prefer the comfort indoors or the allure of the outside, our events are crafted for your enjoyment and canine educational enrichment.

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