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Neil and Amanda Anderson have been in the Middle East since 1992, having lived in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Dubai and now Ras al Khaimah.

Homely Petz was formed in Dubai when Amanda started pet sitting as a side venture whilst working as a Veterinary Practice Manager at the Veterinary Hospital in Dubai.  The demand was high and over time various other services were added.  Neil joined a couple of years later when he gave up the corporate world to go back into Dog Training and handling; before his corporate career, he was in the British Military as a dog trainer.  After 11 years in Dubai, they decided to move to RAK to expand and enjoy a slower pace of life and encourage those around them to enjoy their pets and what the UAE has to offer.  Amanda has since been Certified as a British-qualified Small Pet  Hydrotherapist (ABC Awards Diploma Level 3).  


Their team has grown to include their son, Scott who is a home-based dog trainer.  A great team of dog handlers/kennel hands.  Kirsty (our Administrative Coordinator) and another Steve also from the UK who loves to pick up and drop off our 4-legged clients to and from the centre.

We are in a unique position in that we have over 10 acres to play with.

We are situated at the foot of the Hajjar Mountains, recently moved here to a new location in August 2023.  We have plenty of useable space to develop and our growth is on-going.  We are easy to find and quick to get to from any Emirate due to us located just off the E611 Motorway (no driving through the city or large industrial areas). Most of our staff live on site and owners, Neil and Amanda live only 15 minutes away too. 

Amanda Anderson - Dog Trainer
Neil Anderson - Master Dog Trainer
Neil Anderson - Master Dog Trainer

Reception Lounge

Our homely Reception Lounge provides a space for check-in, relaxation, and the enjoyment of complimentary coffee, cake, and dog treats to help with a smooth settling-in experience. Additionally, we host community, dog talks, Coffee Mornings and other dog-friendly get-togethers where you and your dog are invited to join us for a cuppa, coffee or cool drink and conversation.

Feel free to drop in!

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