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Puppy Basics

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

If you’ve welcomed a pup into your home chances are after the initial excitement you maybe feeling overwhelmed with all the worries of being a pet parent. Whether you are a first timer or old hand, puppies are pretty good at turning your world (and home contents) upside down, sometimes literally 😁

Puppies are literally baby dogs and like babies being young means that they think somewhat differently from their adult counterparts. Their immature brain functions in haphazard ways, responds instinctively to their surroundings and everything around them is about exploring, investigating and generally having a fun time doing it! The bodies are also not at adult capacity with peeing, pooping, falling over, crashing into things and testing most things with their teeth! All challenges that you, as a new dog parent would like support on.

Diet is also a serious aspect of puppy care you’ve probably been on Google reading up on the do’s and don’ts, trying to figure out which way is best. As with all things dog there are hundreds of opinions, many people advising their experiences and most probably you don’t know where to start.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could speak to someone one to one, relay all your questions, air out some of your worries and be guided on a sensible road of being a great puppy parent.

Despite the lockdown’s worldwide and the #stayhome ethic of helping control the spread of the virus, our dog trainers are still on hand to you. Our Master Trainer, Neil 👆together with his team, using our now “Smart Dog Training Room” capabilities are supporting dog owners around the world via video conferencing to train owners with their dogs on a one to one basis. This also includes puppies. The Dogzbody Methodology designed by Neil over the last 20 years works on building a platform of communication between a dog and their owner, the building blocks of starting good communication with a dog are ideal when your dog is a puppy. If you are keen to start communicating with your puppy and make that platform of understanding strong then get in touch, you can start with one online session to give it a try but we are certain you will see encouraging results just from one session and want to continue. To book either call us on 00971 050 8717 073 or email

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