Dog Hydrotherapy & rehabilitation

"Using the Power of Water"

Hydrotherapy uses the properties of water to help support and improve your dog's health and well being.  It has specific therapeutic effects on body tissue:


*Relief of pain, stiffness and swelling

*Muscle maintenance and strengthening

*Alleviating muscle spasm

*Increased range of motion in joints

*Improving circulation

*Increasing tissue healing

*Increasing speed of recovery

*Gait modification

*Cardiovascular fitness

*Increasing proprioception

*Ligament and tendon injuries (including Cruciate Ligament injury)

*Chronic degenerative reticulomyelopathy (CDRM)

Hydrotherapy in conjunction with veterinary treatment can significantly improve the quality and rate of healing following surgery or traumatic injury. Controlled swimming helps to improve cardiovascular stamina, muscle tone, range of movement and is particularly helpful in aiding recovery from injury or surgery, we work together with your veterinary surgeon who will refer your dog to us for hydrotherapy.

"Amanda Anderson is a British Certified Dog Hydrotherapist with an ABC Awards Level 4 Diploma in Small Pet Hydrotherapy and Certified Pet First Aider.  She also was the Veterinary Practice Manager at the Veterinary Hospital in Dubai

for four years."

(by appointment only)

K9 Hydrotherapy

Initial Assessment - AED200

1 x Hydrotherapy session - 30 minutes - AED160

Pack of 5 Sessions - AED750

Pack of 10 Sessions - AED1400

K9 Conditioning Rehabilitation (land based)

Initial Assessment - AED180

1 x K9 Conditioner Session - 30 minutes - AED120

Pack of 5 Sessions - AED550

Pack of 10 Sessions - AED1000

*prices exclude VAT

Swimming Lessons

1 x lesson - 30 minutes AED100

Pack of 5 - 30 minutes each - AED400

Pack of 10 - 30 minutes each AED700

All hydrotherapy sessions require a Veterinary referral form, click to download.

K9 Conditioning and swimming lessons do not require a referral form.

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