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High-Capability Dogs

The modern world presents us with many challenges and pressures. In some instances, dogs can present the answer.  As companions in a fast-changing or complex environment, assistants to aid our success or protectors, dogs can act to support us in our families and jobs.  

Properly trained dogs are an asset in any situation.

Image by Dustin Bowdige


We are committed to delivering more than just a trained dog. Our dedication and professionalism combined with our comprehensive approach to canine training and well-being ensure that each dog is thoughtfully chosen and undergoes meticulous training to not only serve as a high-capability dog but also as a gentle and affectionate companion. Recognising the significance of a harmonious bond between the dog and their guardian/family/handler, our professionally trained dogs go through extensive socialisation, generalisation and obedience training. When you select one of our professionally trained dogs, you're not merely obtaining a highly skilled dog, you're welcoming a loyal and loving partner into your world, ensuring both security and companionship

for years to come.

Our High-Capability dog services aim to provide elite specialised dogs for any specified situation;


High-capability companion (HCC)

Estate and family protection (EFP)

General purpose security (GP)

Detection Dogs (EDD, NDD)

Search and Rescue (S&R)

Special Task (ST)

Assistance Dog (AD/SD)

Collaborating with our global training partners, we invest a substantial amount of time in the development, enrichment, and training of each dog. Consequently, we maintain only a limited inventory of trained dogs available at any given time. Our primary goal is to furnish each client with a top-tier, high-quality dog that embodies the complete package.

All our dogs are screened to ensure that we are selecting, developing, training, delivering and maintaining only the very best quality dogs.  all dogs are evaluated for;

Genetic history and upbringing.

Temperament and sociability.

Courage and nerve stability.

Environmental soundness.

Health, physical and mental. 

Through meticulous consideration of these aspects, we ensure that our dogs not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients, delivering a canine companion of unparalleled excellence.

All dogs come with their pedigree paperwork and family lineage information where appropriate.

young belgian shepherd training in the nature for security.jpg

The Process

After defining the requirements we shortlist/select dogs from our pool of internationally recognised professional breeders.  Depending on the requirement and purpose, dogs may be Pedigree-certified or otherwise.  Options are taken on dogs that are suitable and that meet the criteria as defined in the specification.  Medical verification checks are conducted and where required, clients will meet with dogs to establish compatibility.  Dogs are pre-trained in situ with our partner trainers until they meet the specified training goals. Dogs are then shipped to our facilities in the UAE or other worldwide partners for environmental refining and teaming with their guardians. Our dogs are hand-picked and must pass our rigorous evaluation both on physical, emotional and social behaviour before they are selected and begin training.

Our services play a crucial role in identifying your requirements. Collaboratively, we will pinpoint the "right breed" for the "right purpose" and the "right trainer for the right skills." 

We aim to facilitate a successful transition by personally delivering each dog and conducting a comprehensive guardian/handler teaming process. Our training includes everyone that will be in the dogs life after delivery and includes introductions to existing pets, ensuring that you are fully prepared to handle your new elite, trained High-capability dog.

young belgian shepherd training in the nature for security.jpg
Image by Irina Rybcko

Breeds available

Our meticulous selection process is instrumental in identifying dogs that meet our stringent criteria and exhibit the essential attributes to become elite, High-Capability dogs. We select from known leading breeders to carefully choose the finest dogs. Through the application of world-renowned training methods, we craft exceptional protection, sport and companion dogs, setting industry standards globally.

(subject to availability)  

German Shepherds

Belgium Shepherds

Dutch Shepherds 





Training Hikes


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