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Mountainside Kennels & Dog Training Centre

at the foot of the Hajjar Mountains in Ras al Khaimah

Family-owned and operated, we proudly stand as the longest-established dog training centre in the UAE, serving the UAE dog community since 2006.  Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive dog training from beginner to advanced levels, coupled with specialised support for canine behaviour support, modification as well as supporting K9 Mental Health. 


We extend our services to regular boarding (vacation) care, dog rehabilitation training and physio support, ensuring the holistic well-being and comfort of your dog.

With British Certified Professional Dog Trainers at the helm, our centre is managed by the

experienced duo of Neil and Amanda Anderson.


We believe that dogs have a place in society. Like humans, to fulfill their potential they must learn the order of things, conform where required and express themselves productively. Only by teaching humans and dogs each other’s language can we hope to get them communicating correctly and coexisting harmoniously.

Playroom & Training Room

Our unique location offers cool mountain views not city views, away from the urban noise and fast paced life of city living. Purpose built kennels with mood lighting, indoor & outdoor play areas.  Twice daily outside play as well as inside fun, beach trips on request, a true holiday for your dog!  

All air conditioned kennels
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