Our Venison is tip-top-paw-licking good! Nothing but 100% Chicken Wing Tip that can be broken down to a pure bite-sized training treat.

High in protein, low in fat and great for light and easy chewers, even the fussiest dog will love this mild-on-the-taste-scale and extra lean treat.

Pure wings - for dogs that believe they can fly.


100% Chicken Wing Tip

Treat Dimensions

5cm - 10cm
5g - 10g

Suitable for

All dogs

Feeding Guidelines

While your furry friend would probably love to eat the whole bag, WAG treats are not complete diets, rather a healthy snack in between meals. And even though steak is delicious, wouldn't you get bored eating it all the time? Dogs are the same so mix it up.


Once all of our treats have been opened or your doggo has taken their last bite, it is important to store them afterwards in a dry, cool place. We suggest keeping them in an air tight container in the cupboard or the fridge away from humidity so it stays tasty and fresh!

Wag Premium Cuts Venison Dog Treats

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