Adult large breed dogs with a robust build, weighing over 25kg have very special nutritional needs. These stocky dogs can have up to 50% more body fat than athletic dogs with the same chest circumference, so they have higher energy requirements. Their joints also have to cope with more physical strain.
Pro Plan Adult Large Robust OptiBalance has been developed by scientists and veterinarians. The essential OPTIBALANCE nutrient formula in this food contains a combination of nutrients, which are vital for your dog's long-term physical condition.
The latest scientific knowledge has gone into creating the perfect mix of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and fish oil, which support your dog's dental health and joint maintenance.  Rich in antioxidants, the dry food also ensures that possible age-related complaints can be alleviated. 
The kibbles have been adapted to the jaws of large breeds and contains tasty chicken, which are well-accepted by four-legged poultry lovers. 

Pro Plan Adult Large Robust OptiBalance at a glance: 

  • Dry food for large adult dogs with a robust build that weigh 25kg and over
  • Specially developed to meet the nutritional needs of heavy-breed dogs, such as Bernese Mountain Dogs, Golden Retrievers, St. Bernards, Newfoundlands or Rottweilers
  • Developed by vets and nutritionists: innovative recipe based on the latest scientific research
  • OptiHealth nutrient formula: promotes good physical fitness and general wellbeing in the long term
  • High antioxidant content: can reduce age-related health complaints
  • Healthy joints: select ingredients can help to preserve healthy joint function, particularly important for large-breed dogs that experience heavy strain on their joints
  • Dental health: recipe can provide comprehensive dental care
  • High-quality pieces of chicken: delicious source of protein
  • Well-accepted: delicious larger kibble well-suited to the jaw size of large dogs

Pro Plan Large Robust Adult 14kg

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