Specially formulated to gently soothe and clean eyes. It can be used prior to treatment of eye conditions or used regularly to help keep eyes clean and dirt free - preventing the buildup of potentially harmful substances.

Also suitable for use around the eyes - perfect for tear stain removing.
Ingredients Purified Water, Sodium Chloride, Benzalkoniumchloride, Stabilizer, MSM

Directions for Use:
- As an Eyewash
- Place the pipette at the corner of the eye (DO NOT TOUCH EYE)
- Apply a few drops in and around the eye twice a week.
- Wipe away any excess cleaner along with any dirt with cotton wool.

To Prevent Tear stains
- Place one or two drops of eye cleaner on a piece of cotton wool
- Wipe around eyes until fur is clean

Beaphar Ear Cleaner

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