Assorted Aromadog by Multipet is a new and exciting line of therapeutic dog toys.  Every play and squeak releases a calming blend of lavender essential oils into the air, helping dogs feel relaxed and happy.  The Aromado Fleece can help soothe dogs with separation anxiety, trips to the vet, thunderstorms, fireworks, night pacing and more.  Available in assorted colors and as a bear, dog or elephant. Size: 6″  This is the perfect size for small breeds weighing up to 10 or 15 pounds.

It is strongly suggested that it be taken into consideration the type of dog who would receive an Aromadog.  All the Aromadog plush toys by Multipet are designed for dogs who enjoy sleeping, lightly pulling and tugging on their cuddly toys.  These toys will withstand your dog carrying, tossing, pouncing and slobbering on it, but if your dog is the type who rather tear, rip and chew; the Aromadog may easily be quickly destroyed. How can power chewers enjoy and get long lasting use as well as benefit from the Aromadog:

  • Set specific timed and monitored play sessions with the Aromadog, then remove
  • Join your dog in play so you can closely monitor and immediately stop potential destructive behavior
  • Attach Aromadog to your dog’s collar or harness and with each movement it will release the soothing Lavender scent to calm your dog

Aromadog - Calming