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"Online Dog Show"

We are delighted to host a first in the UAE.  The Homely Petz Online Dog Show 2020!

We are coming together with you to spread positivity and share our canine companions' beauty, abilities, partnership and talents to create good vibes across the UAE.  The UAE has a diverse dog community from here in Ras al Khaimah all the way to Abu Dhabi, we aim to join us all together virtually to share our faithful 4 legged friends in a UAE first,

The Homely Petz Online Dog Show.  From your homely and comfortable environment share with the nation your dog.

Our judges and sponsors all have dog experience be it professionally or personally and are keen to see the entrants and enjoy this unique online experience together with some awesome prizes to show our appreciation for your participation.

All you need is your mobile phone and either an Instagram or Facebook account to enter.


@Homelypetz on Instagram and Facebook

With thanks to our Sponsors, partners & Judges!

Neil Anderson

Luke McKenna

Anita Luise

Fatima Al Qassimi

Polly Archer

Brian Davies


On each day as mentioned above, we will prompt our followers on social media with a poster to enter, announcing each class for the day.  Entries for each class has a deadline of 8pm on the day of entering.  The winner will be announced on social media the following morning.

To submit an entry:

(Please ensure your dog/s is/are entering the appropriate class/s).


On Instagram:

LIKE us on Instagram here post to your page and tag us @homelypetz and put the hashtag #HomelyPetzOnlineDogShow  - we will see your tag and then put in the box for the judges.

On Facebook:

LIKE us on Facebook here, we will post the prompt for each class every day, post your photo under the comment and put #HomelyPetzOnlineDogShow, all entries will be put in the box for the judges.

You can enter as many times as you wish, good luck :o)

Duplicate photo's not allowed across classes

Entry's must be before 8pm on day of classes

Judges decisions are final

Video length must not exceed 1 minute

All photos must be original UN-tampered

1 dog per photo (multiple entries from a single household accepted)

Daily photo instructions must be followed


Week 1

Sunday, 19th April - Best Breed - Toy Dog (photo) - Winner is @auggie_thehavie

Monday, 20th April - Best Breed - Terrier (photo) - Winner is Frankie, owned by @missuswalker

Tuesday, 21st April - Best Breed - Working Dog (photo)

                                        (see social media for list of dogs accepted) Winner , Nala owned by Penny Morral

Wednesday, 22nd April - Best Breed - Rescue Dog/Cross (photo) Winner - Addy - owned by @addy_thecute_rescue

                                               (rescue's and cross breeds).

Thursday, 23rd April - Best Golden Oldie (senior dogs only) -  (photo) - Winner - Star owned by @etoile1103

                                            (dog's 7 years and older can enter).

Friday, 24th April - Best Breed - Utility Dog. - Winner - @spotstagram

                                      (see social media for list of dogs accepted).

Saturday, 25th April - Best Breed - Hunting/Herding/Gun Dog (photo) Winner is Hermina (FB)

                                          (see social media for list of dogs accepted).

Week 2

Sunday, 26th April - Best Canine Work Helper (photo) Winner is @nemo_dog_in_dubai

                                      (stay at home dogs supporting their "at home whilst working" owners).

Monday, 27th April - Best Home Agility (video entry) Joint winners - @nemo_dog_in_dubai and @serenathecockerspaniel

                                      (video of 3 Agility/exercise routines in the home - max 1 minute video).

Tuesday, 28th April - Best Workout Dog (video entry)  Winner is @bellatheangelpig

                                         (video of you and your dog doing a work-out at home together - max 1 minute video).

Wednesday, 29th April - Cutest Puppy (photo) - Winner is @bonjourpistache

                                           (your dog must be under 1 year of age).

Thursday, 30th April - Best Obedience Challenge (video entry) Winner is @nemo_dog_in_dubai

                                           (show us 3 obedience commands your dog can do - max 1 minute video).

Friday, 1st May - Best Dog Look Alike Their Owner (photo) Winner is @etoile1103

                                (Doppelganger time - do you look like your dog, then enter this class, a photo of you and your dog together).

Saturday, 2nd May - Best Breed - Bulldogs & Bully's (photo) Winner is @bruce_thebunso

                                       (British, French, American, Australian, Olde English, Miniatures).

Week 3

Sunday, 3rd May - Best Breed - Sight Hounds (photo) Winner is Jebel (RAK)

                                    (see social media for list of dogs accepted).

Best in Class - Week 1

                        (the winners of week 1 will go head to head to win again)

Best in Class - Week 2

                        (the winners of week 2 will go head to head to win again)

Best In Show

Fun Class - you be the judge!

Judge the Judges dogs!  We will post the dogs of our judges anonymously for the public to choose their favourite.


Daily winner; 1 x 1-1 Online Homely Petz Dog Training Session, Raw Cut Turkey and beef Nuggets, 1 x Bag Purina Proplan

Best in week 1; 1 x Weekend Dog Boarding @ Homely Petz, Raw Cut Food Introductory Hamper, 2 x Bag Purina Proplan

Best in week 2; 1 x Weekend Dog Boarding @ Homely Petz, Raw Cut Food Introductory Hamper, 2 x Bag Purina Proplan

Best Overall Winner; 1 x 1-1 Online Homely Petz Dog Training Session, 1 x Week  Dog Boarding (1 dog) @ Homely Petz + a weekend @ Rak Glamping + 3 x bags Purina Proplan

Thank you for our sponsors!

"Loved having Amanda visit, she was very communicative and put my mind at rest, also loved the emails we got every day."

Sarah McMillan

"My cat doesn't like catteries so having a pet sitter seemed like a good idea, I was nervous of doing it but Homely Petz made it so stress free, Minky clearly enjoyed having her visits and was very happy when we got home"

Sasha D'Souza

"Couldn't fault the process from making the booking, having a Meet and Greet and receiving emails and photos every day, will use Homely Petz again and again.

Richard Cobault

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