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Work long hours? Live in an apartment? Have one too many dogs to walk on your own?
Have a very excitable dog? Busy lifestyles are having a direct effect upon canine health.
Only 44% of owners are able to walk their dogs the recommended two or more times a
day, with almost a quarter (23%) walking their dog less than once a day. Exercise not
only improves your dog’s wellbeing, but also helps build muscle tone and prevents
depression, obesity, joint problems, heart conditions and behavioural issues. We can
help bridge this gap by linking you to an independant dog walker in your neighbourhood.

Walkeez* is carried out by an independent dog walker in your area, experienced dog friendly
people (usually walkers who have dogs of their own already) who like to spend time with your dog too.
All dog walkers are encouraged to clean up after your dog on their walk and dispose of doggy doo in the appropriate
places, we also advise that you ask your dog walker to keep your dog on leash at all times.

Independant Dog walkers are available on the www.homelypetz.com directory.

Do you enjoy walking dogs? Want to register online to provide independant dog walking? - register your account here.


We live in the UAE - what happens when it gets too hot during the day?

Every dog is individual in how they cope with the heat. As it gets hotter time spent outside for walking and toilet relief is recommended to be reduced and play and exercise inside is increased. The dog walkers will play, encourage rough and tumbles, small catch and fetch games or whatever your dog enjoys to encourage some exercise inside your home in a previously agreed suitable area. We recommend you discuss all your dog's needs at key collection.

Dog Walkers on the www.homelypetz.com directory are usually only available Sunday to Thursdays only (& not on public holidays) unless accompanying vacation care.

The Dog Walkers ask that all dogs must have the statutory Municipality Tag & ID on their collar before they provide any dog walking, otherwise they will not walk your dog.

If you wish to know more about the dog walkers on www.homelypetz.com, email: walkeez@homelypetz.com Please allow, if at all possible a minimum of 5 working days for you to complete your online account with us to have access to the dog walker directory.