doggy day care

Ras al khaimah

Whats in a day?

Doggy Day Care can be once a week or every day.

You choose!

from 6am to 6pm

half days or full days


Socialisation and time with other dogs is key. Ball pit time, romping, wrestling, K9 play time and more.


Being on nearly 10 acres of land means plenty of space for at least one walk during the day, with or without doggy mates.


To recharge your dog's energy, there are pockets of time in the day to allow rest and sleep inbetween play sessions.


Take advantage of the on-site Dog Trainers. Add an extra dimension to your dog's day and have training sessions.

*Additional costs apply.


It all starts with a Socialisation Assessment, this involves you bringing your dog along to the kennels to see our Head K9 Trainer for a short suitability exercise to ensure your dog has good social skills with other dogs and is comfortable being around us, his surroundings and with other dogs. The Assessment is AED50 and is done via appointment. Your dog should have all his vaccinations up to date including Kennel Cough.

Half Day AED35+VAT

Full day AED65+VAT

pick up/drop off available

ask for details.

Assessment Request Here