Dogs do speak, but only to those who want to listen...

"We know how to do this!"

Learn how to communicate with your dog..

Meet Neil and his K9 Team

Neil Anderson, is a Master Dog Trainer with over 35 years experience including handling protection and detection dogs amongst his extensive canine training and behaviour skills. Neil's approach and techniques are tailored to each and every dog and their family. His approachable manner and expertise are applied both in the home with clients both young and old and at the kennels where he oversees the "K9 Bootcamps." Neil, an ex British Military Dog Handler and Trainer has over 35 years experience in the dog training arena. Dog Training and behaviour skills not only come from exams and completing courses but also from hands-on experience and know how, Neil's 35 years in the industry is well known and highly valued. Having spent over 25 years in the Middle East he knows of the advantages and challenges of having a dog in this part of the world. HE CONTINUES TO STUDY INCLUDING THE US K9 TRAININg univeristy, Leerburg to keep up to date on current methodologies. His clients range from the first time dog owner to VIP clientelle. He has also mentored, coached and instructed many Profesional Dog Trainers that are presently delivering our Dogzbody Methodology in the UAE, UK and Cyprus. He is a highly sought after Trainer in the UAE whose reputation is known throughout the UAE, Oman and MORE RECENTLY Kuwait.

Neil's sidekick and training assistant in the uae is his son, scott. he has been trained by his dad over the years in all areas of K9 obedience and behavioural strategies. scott also has on going training with leerburg to keep up to date with k9 training trends. he also has vast experience and knowledge in nutrition in dogs especially bones and raw feeding (barf). scott has two dogs of his own, sushi & bento both rescues and enjoys off roading in his jeep in his personal time usually with the dogs in tow.

Balanced reinforcement

Dog Training

The Dogzbody Methodology

We believe that dogs have a place in society. Like humans, to fulfill their potential they must learn the order of things, conform where required and express themselves productively. Only by teaching humans and dogs each other’s language can we hope to get them communicating correctly and coexisting harmoniously.

We work with dogs to train them to do the things we need and humans to teach them how to care for and relate to their dogs. The techniques, tools and methodologies we use vary dependant on each situation, dog or human.

Training sessions can take place here on site with one of our team (overseen by Neil) or we can come to you. This is a great way for you and your dog to bond whilst both learning a new set of skills or overcoming a behavioural or current training issue together.

"We help both dog and owner to find trust and connection with each other. We are experienced dog communicators. We simplify dog and human languages and teach you and your dog how to respond to each other's basic needs. Learning these languages is the direct root to understanding and harmonious living. " Neil Anderson

The Courses

A variety of programs are available for the first time dog owner to experienced handlers using the Dogzbody Methodology, uniquely designed by Neil over the last 20 years to suit all expertise and needs of a dog owner.

Homely Petz uses software designed for pet professionals allowing you to view your training schedules, history and GPS based check in/check out data giving you peace of mind that your training is being delivered on time even if you are not available to attend or want on-going training in your absence.


A FIVE hour course done in the home (RAK & Dubai).

Starting with a two hour *Foundation Session on Puppy Care, nutrition, behaviour, toilet training and what to expect from your new pup!

3 x 1 hour sessions.

New Commands include:

Sit, Down, Stand, Wait, Stay and Come


(*this session can be done individually for AED750+VAT)

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Ideal for on-going obedience and training for dogs over 1 year old.

An initial *assessment will be done to ascertain you and your dog's present skills and abilities.

Hourly home sessions.

Intermediate commands can include:

Drop, In, Out, Fetch, Place, In, Out, Up and Off

AED250+VAT hourly rate.

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Challenge your dog!

Think you have reached the peak with your dog? Think again.

Advanced training can include:

Sport, Security, Agility, SAR, Horse & Dog work.

Tailored requests considered.

Available in Dubai & Ras al Khaimah only.

Price varies, email us for further details and quotes.

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Social Skills

Well mannered dogs require time to socialise with other dogs and humans to know what is acceptable and what is not.

Know how to handle your dog in built up areas, around other dogs and ensure they greet your friends and family in a polite and calm manner.

Home visits (Dubai & RAK) and on site classes available.

AED250+VAT hourly rate.

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Understanding your dog is key!

Whether it is incessant barking, marking in the home, aggressive tendancies, chewing in the home, leash pulling, lunging at other dogs, there is usually an underlying, understandable reason.

Dog behaviour can be a complex area of dog care that requires, experience, patience and teamwork between dog, owner and behaviourist.

Sessions start with an assessment to understand your dog's world, your world and routine. After the assessment session is done, a plan is set with you to address the unwanted behaviour, get to the root of the problem and work towards a common goal of a happy dog and even happier dog owner, you! All sessions are done in your home with Neil Anderson or on site at Homely Kennels.

AED500+VAT Initial Assessment

AED250+VAT Hourly Rate

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K9 Bootcamp

Let us train your dog!

Yes, that is correct we will accommodate your dog at Homely Kennels in Ras al Khaimah and train him or her in basic to advanced obedience. If you have a busy daily schedule and know you will have limited time to train your dog effectively, introduce your dog to the Homely Petz' K9 Bootcamp.

Set in a beautiful, rural location at Al Dahaisa Stables, the kennels are family run and on site UK Dog Trainers will not only train your dog but also ensure lots of other social time with other dogs staying with us.

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AED210+VAT per day (Boarding & Training inclusive)

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