pamper your pooch

Wash and Spa Packages

by Appointment

or whilst boarding.

using organic and/or

low ph shampoos, spritzers

and balms to spoil your dog.

(ras al khaimah only)

Spa Packages

All packages include ear, eye clean & nail trim if required.

massage during conditioning.

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We are mindful that many dogs are often nervous and worried about meeting their new groomer (and sometimes so are the owners!).

We always make sure that your dog loves their groomer and this is done by ensuring that a bond is created before and during grooming.

Once the grooming starts it is always done at the speed your dog requires in a kind, calm and caring manner. At this time we do not offer breed specific cuts, we can trim, hair thin and shave at this time.

See below Spa Packages available to pamper your pooch!


Ideal for Hypoallergenic dogs with dry/itchy skin.

Relief from itching and replacing oils.

Organic (US) products


Stimulating the senses.

Promoting a healthy & soft coat. / Evening Primrose Shampoo and Satin Balm to condition.

no Critters

Using formulated Shampoo to help keeps ticks and fleas at bay. Protein-lanolin enriched.

Deep Clean

This triple wash and Satin Condition Spa will leave your dog spotless (until he finds the next bit of dirt to roll in anyway).

Smells Good

Dogs getting into many corners and come out stinky! Choose from a choice of amazing aromas to spruce up your pup, followed by a signatory Dog Spritz!

Wash & Go

Drop in on us!

Short on time?

A one shampoo wash.

A towel dry.

A freshening cologne spritz.

(Dogs will still be damp when leaving)


Is your pooch's face in a pickle? Then treat him to a Facial Spa, including head, ears and eyes. Using gentle Aloe Vera on sensitive areas and a tidy up.


Playful bath and shower to introduce your puppy to water and grooming. Puppy formulated products together with our signatory Dog Spritz to smell wonderful!

The Products

We use US/UK Manufactured products.

Organic and Earth Friendly dog Shampoo's, Conditioners, Balms & Spritzers

Low PH, gentle, soothing, medicated.

Products include Organic Oscar, Earthbalm, Mutneys & Greenfields.

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How much?

Keeping things simple!

We charge per size of dog.

Regular or Residential Client.

Regular Rates

(non boarding)

Small AED100

Medium AED120

Large AED145

Giant AED160


(boarding at kennels)

Small AED85

Medium AED105

Large AED130

Giant AED145

Ear cleaning AED30

Nail Clipping AED30

(all prices exclude VAT, add 5% to prices above).

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