Cat Boarding

in our

"Kitty Condo"

Feline Love & Care

Whether your cat wants to play all day or snooze away the hours. Our Kitty Suites will cater for your beloved cat. Playtime includes cuddles with staff regularly or chasing fishing rods and lazer beams too. Anything goes to please kitty.

AED75+VAT per day per cat

Each additional cat will be at 10% discount if sharing.

Cats must be fully vaccinated (in country), males must be neutured to be accepted.

Kitty Playtime Suites

We all know cats just love to sleep for most of the day but what happens when they wake up? Play, Play, Play and cuddles, cuddles, cuddles!

All suites in our cozy kitty bungalow include a large multi-level cat tree to climb, hide in, stretch and scratch nails on. Plenty of space to also explore, spread out on and have space for your cat's own items including his bedding and toys if you wish. Each suite has its own, secure outside "bamboo shaded" play space to allow kitty to get fresh air, a bit of sun and listen to the birds twittering!

"just love the personal care" Susan Walters, Dubai.

"Amanda had a natural way with Mollie, she was so relaxed on her return"

Nala Abdulla, RAK

Pick Up & Drop

We offer transportation from anywhere in the UAE to our Cat Suites. One of our experienced cat handlers will arrive at your door to collect your cat or cats to travel in style in an air conditioned car, with the radio on and in style.

Single trip:

From RAK - AED50+VAT

From Dubai - AED165+VAT

From Abu Dhabi/Al Ain AED350+VAT

From Fujairah AED100+VAT

(prices will increase from 2nd january 2019)

Some of our kitty condo guests!

Booking details

If you require further details you can email, kitty coordinator and carer Amanda at Please note that we do not accept un-neutured male cats due to spraying/marking issues. Parasite protection will be administered on arrival (Fronline/advantix). Vaccinations required include Rabies, Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus and Panleukopnia.

These 3 vaccines typically are administered as a single dose commonly known as: Tri-Cat, Feligen and Fel-O-Vax (first-time vaccinations must be at least 21 days old).

The price is AED75+VAT(will increase to AED80+vat from 2nd january) per cat, more than one cat? a 10% discount is applied to the daily boarding rate not of the first pet, but for each additional pet in that enclosure.

high season rates of AED100+VAT apply on UAE public holidays, easter, Christmas eve/day & New Years eve/day.

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