ThE founders

A family business run by british husband and wife team, Amanda and Neil. Amanda's experience includes running the Veterinary Hospital in Dubai for over 4 years as their Practice Manager and is presently studying for her abc awards level 3 diploma in hydrotherapy for small animals. She enjoys riding with her horses, atlanta, marisol and felix at the stables where their kennels are located. Neil's expertise as an ex-British Military Dog Handler includes over 30 years in dog welfare and handling, he has trained dogs in the UAE, Oman and Kuwait. He has also trained and mentored many Professional Dog Trainers presently delivery obedience work in the UAE. Neil loves to get away from it all and revert back to his army days by taking a kayak out to explore the uae's many hidden waterways and also enjoys riding their horses too with amanda out on trails in the stables vicinity.

The amazing team

Our fabulous team of 8 include members from england, Sri Lanka and hungary. Between them they have over 150 years of dog handling expertise and care.

Our tight knit group enjoy working together, love a good laugh and thoroughly embrace what they do, all have or have had their own dogs and wouldn't see life any other way. With on-going training through workshops and teamwork building, we encourage everyone to improve their own skills and feel very much apart of the Homely Petz family. three quarters of the team live on site as well as Neil and Amanda enjoying the country air, space and rural setting that affords Homely Petz.